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Public Speaking

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Most people have to give a talk or make a presentation at some time in their lives, whether it is to a handful of colleagues or an audience of hundreds. The ability to put a point across in an interesting and informative way is essential. In today’s competitive business world those who can communicate with authority and confidence have a great advantage over their peers. This one day workshop will give delegates the information they need to prepare and deliver a motivating, stimulating, exciting presentation.

Speech bubbles

Advice will be given on:

  1. Understanding your objective – deciding what you want to achieve

  2. Preparation – researching and preparing the facts to target a particular audience

  3. Writing – how to structure the talk

  4. Performance – how to use vocal skills and body language to deliver the speech with confidence and conviction

Writing the speech

Public Speaking - deliver the talk with confidence & panache
Voice production
Body language

Where possible, the performances will be recorded, analysed and played back.

Please see our Terms & Conditions page for information about payment terms.

Other information

  1. Dates and prices upon enquiry

  2. Discount available for more than 6 participants