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Corporate Courses

To succeed in today's ultra competitive corporate arena you need to hone the tools of your trade. These courses concentrate on enhancing vocal skills, body language and overall personal communication, be it public speaking, managing meetings, networking or interview skills.


Just to let you know, we all did extremely well with our workshops. Karen and I were both very nervous, however, after the introduction section all the tips and techniques we learnt just fell into place. I even found that I paused naturally, used the screen - it was fabulous, I didn't ever think I'd actually enjoy facilitating, but I did! And......I didn't even need my Q-cards, which I'm very pleased about. Thanks again for making our training sessions so much fun, I'd definitely recommend you to my colleagues!
Lorraine Mitchell, EC Harris. Leeds

Thank you for all your help & support. I have learned so much about international etiquette and it will help me in starting my own school in India.
Ravinder Singh, Mumbai

It was great to learn more about networking and conversational skills. I learned some really good tips, especially on dress and making a positive impression. The whole weekend was such great fun & I have made some lasting friendships.
Victoria Fifield, Fifield Glyn Ltd, London

It is nice to know that good manners are still important. I am going to make sure my boyfriend opens the car door for me in future!
Claire Hollis, Barclays Bank, Cheshire

Thank you so much for everything you taught me during the Corporate Awareness Course. The behaviours and mannerisms I have learnt, I’m sure, will last me a lifetime and prove themselves to be priceless. I found the day to be very enjoyable and you made me feel extremely comfortable throughout all of the exercises.
Sophie Jones, Nestle UK